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Have you met Care For Aids?

In 2013 Freedom was invited to Kenya to meet people working with CARE for AIDS and the patients who benefit from their good work. While there he interviewed one hundred indivduals whose lives were significantly impacted by CARE for AIDS and got to spend time listening to their stories. These stories helped shape the body of work that is now known as the Face to Face initiative, a collection of 100 handpainted portraits created over the course of two short weeks.

All proceeds from the sales of these portraits and the new book Face to Face featuring these images were donated to help CARE for AIDS continue their good work.

Here are a few words about CFA from its founder Justin Miller:

"CARE for AIDS exists to mobilize the church in caring, both physically and spiritually, for families affected by HIV and AIDS in Kenya. We think differently about how to respond to the orphan crisis in Africa.We know that a parent’s greatest desire is to be able to raise and educate their children, and even see their grand children.

We help parents realize that dream. CARE for AIDS is giving HIV+ parents 20-25 years of their lives back and changing the trajectory of families for generations. Its proactive, not reactive.

CARE for AIDS partners with local Kenyan churches to operate life transforming centers that serve the physical, spiritual, economic, and social needs of men and women living with HIV/AIDS. Click on the image above to find out more about the organization and how you can help. "

You can find out more about CFA by clicking the image above.

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