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Freedom Rodriguez, Visual Artist

Freedom Rodriguez was born and raised in New York City where he received great artistic influence from a broad range of art styles, including  street art and fine art.  As a youngster he constantly visited high end art galleries, while teaching himself how to illustrate with great detail. While he had an affinity towards street art he soon began asking the question, "Can art have a greater purpose in my life?"  This question lead him to acknowledge his love for people, and different cultural experiences.  


Thus, for Freedom, the art process became about a journey in search for beauty and truth.  As a person of faith, it is inevitable that the journey has lead him to have a great connection to the people and concepts that he paints.  With a great ability to articulate a message within a painting, one is left visually captivated with questions that demand answers from within. When looking at his artwork one could expect to find a deeper meaning, story, or purpose in the art itself.


Freedom Rodriguez studied at The High School of Art and Design majoring in illustration and went on to The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where he majored in Computer Animation.  He is currently pursuing his passion for painting and illustration with a vision to help others who are in need. 


Director/DP Michael LaFrance

Michael LaFrance DP/Director 

Michael LaFrance’s passion for storytelling through the lens of a camera began as soon as he could hold a one in his hands. He began filming his friends and editing the footage into unique short stories. Having his own experiences filming gave Michael a deeper interest in how movies were made. He took particular interest in how Hollywood directors used music to enhance the emotions of the audience and how camera angles and lighting could be used to capture the feelings of the actors on the screen.


Michael is a storyteller who uses film and music instead of pencil and paper. He is the owner of LaFrance Films, a South Florida based company that specializes in corporate and lifestyle films. Michael is an artist who is able to see, understand and relate the emotions of moments and of people with ease. Michael has always understood that filming is a way of preserving memories that are precious to us all. He created LaFrance Films to make sure that those memories are never lost.

Talia Day, Producer/Director

Talia Day has been cultivating the human story as a writer, producer and director for several years. Her passion for the unknown has led her to travel the world in search of interesting people, who lead extraordinary lives with her camera and pen always in hand.


An advocate for social equality and human rights, she has a deep interest in documentary filmmaking with the aspiration to inspire people through storytelling that is not only relevant, but visually stunning.


Talia Day holds degrees in Film Production from Miami Dade College and Television Producing from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Her education has given her a solid foundation as a media professional and her passion continues to push her towards stories that have yet to be told.


She says, "I want to go where people won't, give a voice to those who cannot speak and create stories that inform the world that there is more we can do to create a future fit for all."



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