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Returning to Kenya

It's been almost two years since the cast and crew of Facing Freedom visited Kenya to interview patients of CARE for AIDS and see the good work that the organization does everyday. The road back to Kenya was a long one, but one we knew we had to travel. After 100 portraits, a successful gala, a beautiful book and a failed kickstarter campaign we thought the project would have to be shevled. It was only through our passion for creative activism and the grace of a few dedicated fans along with CARE for AIDS, that we were able to return to Kenya this summer.

This trip was not only important to the film, but to Freedom, who felt that he needed to hand deliver portraits to a few of the patients who deeply touched his life. While in Kenya we traveled to their homes and spent time with them both on and off camera. This experience was validation that this story was important and that we must continue our work on the film.

Now that we've returned we are tasked with the duty of taking the stories we have collected along the way and turing it into a feature documentary. This part is one that requires us to be still and although we may be silent, we are working diligently to finish this story so we can share it with the world.

We thank everyone for their support and hope you will continue to walk with us along this journey.

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