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A 2nd debut at the 2014 Care for Aids Gala


What a great feeling it is to see people gathering to support a purpose worth living for. At the Care for AIDS 2014 gala there was a strong presence of Harambee, a West African term for “pulling together”. Overall it was not just an entertaining evening but a successful one. And I am thankful to see such a wonderful and effective ministry be supported.

I was especially excited to see the book with my own eyes and hold that which was once an idea to raise awareness through the stories and also financially support their efforts to help more people. What people may not realize is that their is a full circle of support that is happening. When a person who has HIV/AIDS comes to CFA for help they come because they heard the stories of others that have been helped.

These stories carry the power of hope. I too was moved by a story so much so that I had to act. So I inquired, “do you think using a skill like painting portraits could help share the stories of hope?” I knew it could but I needed to hear it from someone who knew more. And the answer was without a doubt “yes”. And now we have a book full of all the portraits of beautifully amazing people who are all masterpieces in their own lives. However much their struggles in life, CFA represents them with dignity and respect. We celebrate them by supporting their joys and many accomplishments. Thank you CFA for partnering with me and giving me the opportunity to serve through my talents and meet some amazing people along the way.

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