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Facing Freedom chronicles the journey of Atlanta-based visual artist Freedom Rodriguez as he joins forces with the non-profit organization Care For Aids in an effort to answer the question, can art make an impact?


Filmed on location in Kenya, Africa, the crew follows Freedom as he encounters patients of Care For Aids, who against all odds are thriving after being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Inspired by their stories, he returns home to complete an ambitious 100 portraits series in five weeks with the hope of raising awareness and financial support for the organization.


Filmmakers Michael LaFrance and Talia Day teamed up to create Facing Freedom, their first feature length independent documentary and with your help they will complete the film in 2015 and inspire a new generation of creative activists.



“Art is tangible passion. It’s the physical manifestation of our desire for beauty and Freedom is an artist who sees beauty in all things, who understands that this beauty can also inspire the best parts of humanity. That is why we choose to tell his story, we want others to be inspired by his passion and become creative activist themselves," says Talia Day, the producer and co-director of Facing Freedom.


Facing Freedom is in its final phase of production and we are seeking the support of our fans to raise $15,000 dollars. The funds raised will cover travel expenses for our return trip to Kenya, where we'll be filming the final act of Facing Freedom and revisiting the beautiful souls we have met along the way and presenting them with their portraits in person as the final chapter of Freedom's journey. 

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